Priest in Charge

Fr. Jeff Bullock (2)A Letter From The Rev. Canon Jeffrey Bullock, our Priest in Charge

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Friends, I’m writing to let you know that my last Sunday will be June 14.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last year and a half at Christ the King.  Your kind reception, your support and your warmth have made this parish one of my most enjoyable positions in over thirty-five years of service.  Truly, every day has brought me joy.

Many of you have asked, “What’s next?” I really don’t know beyond the fact that Kathy I will be married on June the 25th.  We’re looking for places for our future home and we surely have Arizona on the list along with Oregon, Colorado and Texas.

We have several weeks together before I leave, with opportunities to say good-bye in person.  I want you to know I am convinced that Christ the King has a wonderful future, serving the community and serving your fellow members.  Thank you all and God bless you.

Jeff Bullock +