Rector’s Corner

Greetings Christ the King,

You may have noticed some new artwork in the Nave this week.  The Native American Stations of the Cross are a gift from Johnny and me to Christ the King Church.  The prints of the fourteen stations were a gift to me from an artist in my previous parish, Melanie G. Twelves.  Last year during Lent, several people told me that they would walk the Stations of the Cross, but they could not do it outside.  They asked if we could do a set inside somewhere.  That is when I remembered about the gift that Melanie had given me. 

I asked if she would mind if I framed the prints she had given me to put at Christ the King.  This is how Melanie responded, “I am very blessed to have the Stations in Arizona and being used by your church Anita.  Thank you for sharing them.  They are a gift from God to my artist soul.”

Melanie’s original painted stations can be found in six Episcopal Churches across this country, in Washington, Minnesota, Utah, Oklahoma, and now, Arizona, at Christ the King. I hope you enjoy these stations as much as Johnny and I do. They just seem to fit into the spiritual vibe of our church.

About the artist, Melanie G. Twelves:

Melanie was born in Oklahoma but raised in Florida.  She has always loved visual art but realized she was in love with it on a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City as a freshman in college.   

She has a B.S. in Medical Technology and a B.A. in Art.  Much of her work is in print media including serigraphy, lithography, linocut, and woodcut.  However, she enjoys watercolor and oil painting as well.  She had a ministry business for ten years designing and selling crosses, triptychs, and Stations of the Cross.  In the last few years she has moved toward abstract design.  She has been in many shows across the country and received many awards.  Her work has been featured in magazines and book covers.  Melanie says, “True creativity allows us the freedom to express and share our heart and soul.  Finding your passion and living your passion is the gift of life.”

Melanie currently resides in Duncan, Oklahoma and is an active member of All Saint’s Episcopal Church.  

Blessings All,

Mother Anita+